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As a couple, Wayne and Annah Mirananda embody the Yin and Yang of the healing arts, creating a totally comprehensive, complementary and integrated approach to health, wellness and well-being. Developing Samadhi Retreat from a block of land into a global brand they integrate 40 years of professional healing practice into a custom designed environment which they call “The Jewel of Healing Retreats”.

Annah Mirananda

However, her work life began far from the healing table – in the glamorous whirlwind world of celebrity pop, as personal assistant to one of the most popular female recording artists of all time.

Through attending to a number of high profile entertainers, Annah gained first-hand appreciation of the need for discretion and confidentiality. These principles of respect are embedded in her personal practice and integral to the foundation values of Samadhi.

Over the years, Annah has engaged in a wide range of studies and formal training encompassing health, wellbeing and healing. As well as studies in naturopathy and herbal medicine, Annah’s training in therapeutic skin and body treatments culminated in her taking the Cidesco examination for international recognition in her field.

In 1998, Annah completed a Diploma in Spiritual Healing through the Theosophical School of Healing. In 2009, she received a post graduate certificate in Narrative Therapy to compliment her previous counseling experience.

Along the way, she has developed and refined her skills in working with people suffering from a wide range of mental, physical and emotional health and healing issues.

As an antidote to life’s challenges, Annah inspires others to explore their innate creativity and awaken their true essence and potential. She brings a compassionate loving presence to the healing process and the retreat experience.

Annah draws from the central tenet of Narrative Therapy which views healing as a self-empowering and collaborative endeavour honouring the natural abilities, skills and expertise of each person.

As a healer, Annah has developed a level of purity and grace that brings a caring, nurturing energy to her healing practice.

As a counsellor, Annah radiates a natural empathy for suffering born of a long personal healing journey.

No wonder her clients describes a healing with Annah as an angelic experience.


Wayne Mirananda

Wayne is an outcome-focussed healer with an innate ability to go to the heart of an issue.

He inspires trust, openness and honesty – and treats each client, and each healing issue, as unique and individual.

Wayne has worked in the health and wellness sector since 1982 and trained extensively in a wide range of complimentary healing practices and therapeutic interventions working from both an eastern and western perspective.

He is a qualified remedial massage therapist, a spiritual healer, a meditation instructor, a practitioner in guided imagery and a qualified counsellor specialising in loss and bereavement.

As a spiritual healer, Wayne has the rare ability to channel and direct powerful healing energies to cleanse, purify and release.

He also brings much wisdom to his counselling role, with a capacity to assist mindfully honed by decades of experience.

Wayne’s past professional experience has developed both his sense of compassion for suffering and struggle, combined with a capacity to deal with any personal healing or crisis situation.

His approach is highly intuitive and collaborative, guiding clients on a journey of personal discovery and deep healing.

Wayne’s open personality, exploratory style and determined approach helps guide his clients to achieve a genuine breakthrough leading to profound healing and personal transformation.

A healing from Wayne is an alchemical experience.

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Reignite the spark of life in every cell of your being…

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Embrace gentle self-care and restore loving balance…

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Accept the challenge of embodying your whole self…

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Find sanctuary in an environment of pure tranquility…

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Make a fundamental shift and integrate positive change…

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Shine the light of awareness on your spiritual depths…

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