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Luxury Wellness Retreat Australia & Oceania Award 2018 | Health retreat Victoria
Member healing hotels of the World 2019 | Health retreat Victoria
Luxury Wellness Retreat Australia & Oceania Award 2017 | Health retreat Victoria
Luxury Wellness Retreat Australia & Oceania Award 2017 | Health retreat Victoria
World Luxury Spa Award 2017 | Health retreat Victoria
Luxury_Boutique_Retreat___Australia_&_Oceania | Health retreat Victoria


We invite you to join us at our new day workshops. This exclusive experience is designed to help guests and visitors deepen their well-being practices and reconnect within the tranquil energy of our retreat base. We have created a way to Immerse yourself in guided meditation sessions, breath-work exercises, and tailored discussions and other methods in the form of a 3 hour workshop designed for day visitors and past guests who wish to enhance their previous experiences at the retreat. Our workshops provide personalized group guidance and support, helping one to explore new depths and potentials of personal healing and self-discovery.

These workshops create an opportunity to discover first hand or anew the serene surroundings and sacred spaces that have touched the heart of many at Samadhi Retreat. Indulge in nourishing vegetarian meals and soulful conversations with like-minded individuals. Connect with a community of kindred spirits, fostering support and connection.

Weds – Wholeness workshop

Thursday – Transformation workshop

Friday – Inner Peace workshop

Saturday – Nurture workshop

Sunday – Illuminate workshop

We have 5 workshops rotating through each week at the retreat (Weds – Sundays). 10am – 1pm with lunch provided. 

There are limited spaces within each workshop as we keep the group sizes small to ensure a bespoke experience for all.


Before you tell your life
what you intend to do with it,
listen for what it intends to do with you.
 Parker Palmer

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