When privacy and confidentiality matters

Book out the whole retreat for yourself and your team

Private, bespoke – like no other

At Samadhi Retreat, we understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality, especially for high-profile guests seeking an exclusive retreat experience. That’s why we offer a unique opportunity for exclusive use of our entire facility, allowing you to bring your own support team if needed to reside onsite. When confidentiality matters, you can trust that your privacy will be respected and maintained.

By opening the entire retreat for your exclusive use, you have more control over the environment, ensuring a secure and secluded setting for your retreat. Our dedicated staff will work closely with you or your support team to provide a tailored and seamless experience.

Annah & Wayne have assisted many high-profile guests in the past, understanding their unique needs and ensuring their privacy and well-being throughout their stay. Whether you are a high-profile individual or simply value the utmost confidentiality, our exclusive-use option offers a sanctuary where you can find solace, relaxation, and transformation while being fully supported by your own small team in a private and serene environment.

Retreats of this nature often require consultation and preparation. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

I feel so radiant, I’ve honestly had a glimpse of  Samadhi, that perfect state of Health.

Energise Retreat symbol | Health retreat Victoria


Reignite the spark of life in every cell of your being…

Nurture Retreat symbol | Health retreat Victoria


Embrace gentle self-care and restore loving balance…

Wholeness Program Symbol | Health retreat Victoria


Accept the challenge of embodying your whole self…

Inner Peace Retreat symbol | Health retreat Victoria


Find sanctuary in an environment of pure tranquility…

Transformation Retreat symbol | Health retreat Victoria


Make a fundamental shift and integrate positive change…

Health retreat Victoria | Health retreat Victoria


Shine the light of awareness on your spiritual depths…

The second half of life
brings exciting developmental
changes and a greater understanding
of life and what really matters…
~ Ron Pevny

A soul centered approach to healing

| Health retreat Victoria

Healthy Ageing

Managing the cycles of change in life
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Dreams, Hopes & Aspirations

Creating lasting change in your life through a mentoring approach
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Emotional Balance

Self-empowering your way to happiness
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Loss & Bereavement

Celebrating the lives of those we love through acceptance
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Building Self-esteem

Empowering your SELF for success
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Stress, Fatigue & Burnout

Alleviating lifestyle stresses and preventing adrenal exhaustion
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