Unique Transfers

Melbourne to Samadhi

Unique Transfers from Melbourne to Samadhi

Our deluxe travel packages won’t cost the earth and bring peace of mind to your travel experience to and from Samadhi Retreat.

Chauffeured Car

Be chauffeured in comfort and with a clear conscience in our electric cars – the exquisite Tesla Model S Sedan and the sporty Tesla Model X Suv. These progressive vehicles showcase advanced sustainable technology, enabling luxurious travel without harming the environment.

Your retreat begins the moment your chauffeur arrives and ends in relaxation at your doorstep. Allow us to manage your travel logistics, Tesla style, and seamlessly fit in with your schedule.(Electric cars subject to availability)

Helicopter Transfer

Fly to our patch of paradise with our helicopter transfer option arranged for pick-up at your selected destination and lands at Cricket Willow Farm, where you will be chauffeured by car to Samadhi Retreat.

Helicopter transfers are a safe, reliable and enjoyable way to avoid traffic and pandemic stressors that can delay or disrupt travel plans. Treat yourself to the peace and privacy of a little time in the sky; a touch of serenity en route to kick-off your escape.

Graced with the largest collection of mineral springs in the southern hemisphere (140 at last count), the area is justifiably known as the spa capital of Australia.

For generations of Europeans and Australians this has been a place of healing. An area that has basked in a worldwide reputation for health and wellbeing for over a century. A region where healing waters rise out of a volcanic basin 450 million years old. A sacred place for aboriginal nations beyond memory.

Luxury Wellness Retreat Australia & Oceania Award 2018 | Health retreat Victoria
Member healing hotels of the World 2019 | Health retreat Victoria
Luxury Wellness Retreat Australia & Oceania Award 2017 | Health retreat Victoria
Luxury Wellness Retreat Australia & Oceania Award 2017 | Health retreat Victoria
World Luxury Spa Award 2017 | Health retreat Victoria
Luxury_Boutique_Retreat___Australia_&_Oceania | Health retreat Victoria
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