The Region

Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

Where Healing Waters Run Deep

Percolating through rock for tens of thousands of years, bubbles forth the largest collection of mineral springs in the Southern Hemisphere, creating a source of natural abundance and healing. The region centred around Daylesford, Hepburn Springs and the Macedon Ranges is a sacred place for aboriginal nations and a welcoming destination to rekindle your spirit in the lap of nature.

The healing waters that surround Samadhi Retreat rise out of volcanic basin 450 million years old with each spring acquiring its own unique blend of health giving minerals. As you unwind in a mineral spa or drink from the source itself, feel your cares wash away and your soul revive; immerse yourself in wonder and creativity, old-world appreciation and spiritual discovery.

For generations of Europeans and Australians this has been a place of healing. An area that has basked in a worldwide reputation for health and wellbeing for over a century. A region where healing waters rise out of a volcanic basin 450 million years old. A sacred place for aboriginal nations beyond memory.

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