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Thank You

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Samadhi Retreat has been pioneering ‘customised retreats’ with great success since its opening in 2003 . We have introduced thousands of guests to the different paradigms and potentials of living a healthier and more wholesome life.

A gift from Samadhi

One of the most powerful tools you hold is the ability to be grateful for what you already have. We would like to offer you a way to experience this.

Take a moment, take breath.

Recognise how important this is to you now and acknowledge it. Breath is life. 

Then, think of the people in your life you love or who you know love you. Take a moment and appreciate this.

Recognise how special this is in your life. How it supports you, inspires you. How in a universe of billions of planets and people there is one or more person/s who have a special place in their heart for you. This is priceless.

Take it in and let it become gratitude.

By expressing rather than suppressing the experience of interpersonal gratitude, we can positively impact our social and personal world. The interpersonal sharing of gratitude illuminates the gifts of connection, love, compassion and acceptance. 

Gratitude as an attitude is flexible—we can consciously cultivate gratitude at any moment, even in the midst of struggle, and in doing so the experience of gratitude can create a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. It’s like food for the Soul.

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