Legal Professionals 

Lawyers, Barristers & Judges

We understand that legal professionals including lawyers, barristers and judges face unique challenges in their demanding careers.

For many years, we have provided retreats to legal professionals, gaining understanding of the unique challenges they face in balancing personal and professional lives. Samadhi offers a nurturing space to combat burnout, manage stress, and cultivate well-being. We believe a strong foundation of well-being is crucial for success and fulfillment especially in the legal field. Our retreats help to protect against burnout, maximize productivity, and promote sustainable positive change that can grow into your life and law practice.

The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of prioritizing individual and employee health in law firms. Our mindfulness-based wellness retreats focus on cognitive and emotional health, physical health, healthy communication, and professional well-being, enabling professionals to better achieve peak performance and capacity.

We provide a personalized and bespoke approach to managing stress, building resilience, enhancing well-being, and navigating challenges in both professional and personal spheres.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and schedule a customized retreat for yourself or your organizational teams.


I feel so radiant, I’ve honestly had a glimpse of  Samadhi, that perfect state of Health.

Energise Retreat symbol | Health retreat Victoria


Reignite the spark of life in every cell of your being…

Nurture Retreat symbol | Health retreat Victoria


Embrace gentle self-care and restore loving balance…

Wholeness Program Symbol | Health retreat Victoria


Accept the challenge of embodying your whole self…

Inner Peace Retreat symbol | Health retreat Victoria


Find sanctuary in an environment of pure tranquility…

Transformation Retreat symbol | Health retreat Victoria


Make a fundamental shift and integrate positive change…

Health retreat Victoria | Health retreat Victoria


Shine the light of awareness on your spiritual depths…

The second half of life
brings exciting developmental
changes and a greater understanding
of life and what really matters…
~ Ron Pevny

A soul centered approach to healing

| Health retreat Victoria

Healthy Ageing

Managing the cycles of change in life
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| Health retreat Victoria

Dreams, Hopes & Aspirations

Creating lasting change in your life through a mentoring approach
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| Health retreat Victoria

Emotional Balance

Self-empowering your way to happiness
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| Health retreat Victoria

Loss & Bereavement

Celebrating the lives of those we love through acceptance
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| Health retreat Victoria

Building Self-esteem

Empowering your SELF for success
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| Health retreat Victoria

Stress, Fatigue & Burnout

Alleviating lifestyle stresses and preventing adrenal exhaustion
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