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Luxury Wellness Retreat Australia & Oceania Award 2018 | Health retreat Victoria
Member healing hotels of the World 2019 | Health retreat Victoria
Luxury Wellness Retreat Australia & Oceania Award 2017 | Health retreat Victoria
Luxury Wellness Retreat Australia & Oceania Award 2017 | Health retreat Victoria
World Luxury Spa Award 2017 | Health retreat Victoria
Luxury_Boutique_Retreat___Australia_&_Oceania | Health retreat Victoria

Samadhi Gift Vouchers 

One of the most unique gifts you can give someone is the opportunity to relax, re-charge their energises, reset or circuit break a stressful pattern or period in life, and heal body and mind. Samadhi offers this opportunity and more…

Our gifts are crafted to help guests who are:

  • busy mothers with small children
  • professionals struggling with corporate stress
  • small business owners working long hours
  • people who are seeking to make enduring change in their lives
  • those who just need a break
  • for a client or employee

Our gift program selections are designed to help make your choice easy though if you require a more specialised program or a more complex selection of guests, nights away and program of activities and sessions then contact us and we will call you to create a signature gift of stay at Samadhi Retreat.

Before you tell your life
what you intend to do with it,
listen for what it intends to do with you.
 Parker Palmer

Signature Gifts for Health and Wellness

Energise Retreat

The Energise retreat is a comprehensive rejuvenation program designed to help you recover, and circuit-break as you take time out from the endless business of life.

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Illuminate Retreat

The Illuminate retreat helps to develop a deeper connection with life and the world you live in. To look beneath the surface and journey back to the essence of who you really are and to shine a light on your spiritual depths.

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Nurture Retreat

The Nurture retreat introduces gentle self-care practices that lead to physical and emotional renewal. Affirming a positive approach to self care to help you make choices which support a healthy lifestyle.

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Inner Peace Retreat

The Inner Peace program includes gentle practices to help calm the mind, still the emotions and provide clarity and insight – the pathways to becoming more at peace with yourself.

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Wholeness Retreat

The Wholeness retreat is designed to assist guests to make positive life changes. The retreat encompasses the spirit of living a full and wholesome life by focusing on the heart of the matter. You.

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The Essentials

This retreat is for someone who needs a quiet retreat to come and re-find oneself in ones own time and way. The Essentials offer time away from the busyness of life, and space to be with the one who matters, yourself or maybe a partner or friend.

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