Samadhi Retreat – Energetic Healings

Reiki with Massage

90 mins $195.00 pp

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a gentle Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation used to promote healing. It is administered by the “laying on of hands” to bring energy into the body for deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. Rei means ‘Universal’, and Ki means ‘Energy’. The technique is based on the understanding that energy flows through us and is all pervading, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. The practitioner transmits energy by a light touch, and combines gentle massage strokes, placing their hands in specific positions on the body to restore internal harmony.

Body, Mind, Heart & Soul!

120 mins $285.00 pp

A truly holistic experience of deep regenerative healing. Allow your body and mind to be transported beyond the realm of everyday worries as you enjoy the peaceful healing benefits of a soothing aromatherapy massage. The subtle relaxing effects of these powerful aromas effect the mind and emotions in a truly profound way, as the gentle flowing movements of your body massage will ease tension, and induce a deep sense of calm.

A sacred sound therapy session follows, bringing relaxation to the mind, to open the heart, and enhance a sense of clarity to your awareness. The deeply penetrating resonance of the crystal sound bowls and chimes, harmonizes the chakra’s and auric field, thereby altering the resonance and vibrational frequency of your inner light bodies to a higher state. During this session you are guided into a deep soul centered meditation.

The session completes with a pranic energy balance – this practice calms and brings a profound feeling of harmony. Pranic healing utilizes ‘Prana’ the vital life force energy to heal the whole physical body and replenish one’s ‘life-force’.

Qigong Healing

90 mins $195.00 pp

Qigong healing is extremely effective and has been practiced in China for many hundreds of years. Qi energy healing is recognized as being a powerful force for treating emotional and physical disorders. In Qigong Healing the practitioner is a vehicle for directing universal energy in to a client’s body. In principle this is similar to Reiki, however with Qiging Healing, the practitioner often directs energy to specific parts of the body with the intent of bringing about a change in the energy status of that part.

Polarity healing and Chakra balancing

90 mins $195.00 pp

Polarity therapy is a healing approach based on the understanding that “energy underlies the structure and physiology of all life”. The polarity view recognizes that all life is an expression of energy in motion, flowing through specific patterns, currents, fields & poles. It is understood that an individuals energy must flow freely to, and from its source, for mental, emotional and physical harmony to manifest. Chakra imaging is a specialized system of guided imagery, where the individual is encouraged to explore the inner landscapes of their psyche. The emphasis in Chakra imaging is that ” The way in which you think creates the way in which you live”. To change the way you live you must first change the way you think. This dual session of healing is a powerful yet relaxing system of healing which assists the person to heal themselves, to relieve stress and take charge of their own life.

Sacred Waves – Sound therapy Massage Package

90 mins – $220.00 pp

Sound therapy is a powerful healing-science dating back thousands of years, through many cultures, and still used today. Every cell in our body is a sound resonator, and our body is made up of at least 70% water. Because of this, our bodies are an excellent conductor of sound vibrations, making sound therapy a very effective method of healing. The resonance of harmonic tones stimulates and restores balance throughout the body, reconnecting us with the natural rhythms of life.

This session works to bring relaxation to the mind, to open the heart, and enhance clarity, allowing the body to respond in healthy ways to remove internal stress, such as lowering our heart rate and blood pressure, decreasing muscle tension, smoothing our respiration, and harmonizes the chakra’s and auric field thereby altering the resonance and vibrational frequency to a higher state.

Sound healing treatments are combined with massage and energy healing. It is deeply relaxing and may incorporate the use of instruments such as Tibetan bowls, Chinese bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, bells, rattles, drums, cymbals, harp and voice harmonics. Your body will hum, your Soul will sing!

Energy Balancing & Massage Package

90 mins – $195.00 pp

The process of balancing one’s energies requires a willingness to stop, relax and draw your focus within. Emotional and mental stress and strain can lead to imbalance and lack of clarity and focus. This session allows not only the physical body to rest, but also the mental and emotional body, thereby opening a connection to soul and spirit and a greater awareness of ‘who we are’. Using intuition and a developed sensitivity, the therapist will work with techniques to clear ‘energy blocks’ in the inner bodies (auric field) to promote harmonious flow through the chakra’s with the intention to bring cleansing and balance. This session is infused with sacred principles to realign the body’s energy flow.

“Light Body” Package

75 mins $185.00 pp

This package incorporates the use of a medical polarised polychromatic light therapy system, combined with colour therapy through guided imagery visualisation techniques. The outstanding characteristics of the polarised light has a beneficial effect on the immune system and for stimulating regenerative and repairative processes of the entire organism, thereby promoting wound healing and relieving pain and muscle tightness. The light therapy treatment is the first to be TGA approved in Australia and is 100% safe – no known side effects. It has a wide range of applications in numerous fields of medicine and complimentary treatment, with years of experience and research affirming the positive effects.

Light therapy can also help to strengthen muscles and expand body motion, improve sleep quality, improve tissue nourishment and speed regenerative processes, relieve pain and decrease its intensity, soothe joint pain and increase the range of active and passive joint activity, support the treatment of painful sports injuries like tendon and muscle problems, and can be complimentary to skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, cuts, bruises, sprians, strains, contusions and arthritis.

Healing therapists cpmpetency and skills

Staff performing our energy healing sessions hold recognition of competency in a broad range of skills in complementary health care, with professional certified qualifications for the corresponding modalities, as well as accredited counselling training with over fifteen years experience.

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A soul centered approach to healing

Healthy Ageing

Managing the cycles of change in life
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Spiritual Wellness

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Emotional Balance

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Loss & Bereavement

Celebrating the lives of those we love through acceptance
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Relationship Renewal

Creating better connection through loving communications
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Dreams, Hopes & Aspirations

Creating lasting change in your life through a mentoring approach
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Detox & Cleanse

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Building Self-esteem

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Stress, Fatigue & Burnout

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