Samadhi Retreat – Body Therapies

Asian Fusion 

120 mins – Invigorating, cleansing and hydrating $285.00pp

In South East Asia, bamboo is considered a symbol of health and longevity. This luxurious bamboo & Ginseng scrub will revitalize and renew your skin by exfoliating, deep cleansing and stimulating cell renewal. One of the finest textures in body polishes, this regenerative blend is infused with pure plant extracts and herbs rewarding your skin with a satin finish. Then slip into a warm, fresh aromatic bath to soak away the old and renew the senses. Emerge, greeted by a rich, all-over body butter massage with essential oils of ginger and lime and experience the deeply grounding effects of the body palming technique. The scents of this ancient ritual will evoke a mystical journey through Asian landscapes promoting a sense of calmness and well being.

Mandarin Mud Wrap & Spa

120 mins – Detoxing and hydrating $285.00 pp

Begin with a traditional Oriental dry brush exfoliation to activate the circulation and invigorate the skin. Rejuvenate yourself as the entire body is then covered with a warm mineral-rich mud poultice, infused with mandarin rind and organic herbs.You will then be gently cocooned in a natural cotton wrap to infuse the essential nutrients into the skin. This session stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to eliminate toxins and is deeply hydrating and soothing for the skin. Whilst you lay back, enjoy the benefits of a relaxing head and scalp massage. Next slip into a warm spa bath infused with therapeutic salts and oils of bergamot, lavender and mandarin. To complete this beautiful treatment, enjoy a moisturizing massage, leaving your skin supple and soft.

Himalayan Rejuvenation Package

180 mins – For detoxification & complete body renewal $495.00pp

Your experience begins with a Mineral Crystal Salt Scrub for a full body exfoliation. This pure mineral rich salt containing 89 essential colloidal minerals has been used for centuries by doctors for healing due to its energy and nutrients. In addition the salts are saturated with a blend of warm detoxing oils and herbs including Lime and ginger.
The body is enveloped in a comforting cocoon of thermal vitamin rich mud, minerals & sea extracts, designed to enhance circulation and draw out impurities.  To further enhance your treatment the scalp is then massaged with a refreshing mint elixir. Relax with a full body massage to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, before bringing you back down to Earth, with the healing benefits of a ritual foot treatment incorporating traditional Reflexology.

Slim and Sculpt Wrap with massage & Far Infrared Sauna

120 mins – Detoxing and hydrating $295.00 pp

A personalized solution to combat cellulite and promote skin toning. To enhance the therapeutic benefits of this treatment we use the Far Infrared sauna. Working at a cellular level, it gently increases blood circulation to carry nutrients to the skin, and thus promotes healthy tone and texture, and induces perspiration to promote detoxification. Specific massage movements are incorporated to stimulate metabolism and silhouette refining. A slimming body cream with brown seaweed, vitamins and botanical extracts leaves the skin vibrant and replenished.

Marine Algae Wrap & massage

120 mins – purifying and hydrating $285.00 pp

Seaweed wraps detoxify and deeply cleanse the body aiding hormonal and metabolic balance, and in the elimination of heavy metals from the body. This session commences with a traditional Oriental dry brush exfoliation to activate the circulation and invigorate the skin. Experience the riches of the sea as the entire body is cocooned in a warm mineral rich blend of micronised marine algae and botanical plant extracts. Allow the cares of the day to float away whilst you listen to the sounds of the ocean, and enjoy a moisturizing massage and scalp treatment.

Herbal Hydration Body Masque with Far Infrared Sauna

90 mins – soothing & hydrating $225.00 pp

Experience the relaxing and energizing benefits of the Far infrared Sauna to commence this session. Next, an intensive blend of nine organic herbs are applied to the body, designed to soothe the skin and assist in hydration of even the most sensitive skins. The anti-inflammatory properties of calendula, oat bran, liquorice root, peppermint leaf and lavender heal irritated skin while sesame seed enhances miniaturization of the skin. This poultice will gently exfoliate skin, soothing as it infuses the body wrapped in natural muslin. A tangerine and rose moisturizing treatment follows.

Oriental Butterfly cocoon – Hot Oil Elixir Infusion

80 mins – Relaxing & moisturizing $220.00 pp 

A holistic body oil treatment for both body & mind. A sensory experience begins your journey. An Oriental dry brush exfoliation is followed by a rhythmic body oiling using a luxuriousl oil blend infused with healing oils of camellia and Jasmine flower. Soothing for the skin, and opening you to the subtle healing energies of aromatherapy and the power of touch. Wrapped warmly in natural cotton, relax and enjoy the pure relaxation and stress-relieving scalp massage. The symbol of the butterfly is likened to the awakening of the spirit, so spread your wings and emerge from your cocoon feeling renewed, and reborn!

Green Tea & Aloe Body Wrap

80 mins – soothing & moisturizing $220.00 pp

Highly concentrated in anti-oxidants, green tea can soothe and help reverse the skin damaging effects of sun and wind in the harsh Australian climate. The high mineral, vitamin and polyphenol content of green tea has a great healing and anti-inflammatory effect on skin, helping to diffuse free radicals and soothe irritated skin. A wonderful after-sun treatment. After the wrap, the body is moisturized with a soothing botanical balm. And to complete, we serve you a refreshing cup of Green Tea!

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Healthy Ageing

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Spiritual Wellness

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Emotional Balance

Self-empowering your way to happiness
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Loss & Bereavement

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Relationship Renewal

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Dreams, Hopes & Aspirations

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