Samadhi Retreat – Transformation Retreat

Transformation retreats are essentially counselling and therapy focussed holiday experiences. Combining luxurious getaways with a flexibly structured therapy programs and other deep healing body therapies customised to suit each persons unique situation and circumstances.  These retreats are perfect as:

  • Compliments for the personal healing of existing therapy programs
  • Help to overcome problems that have been haunting you for many years or that you just cant quite say goodbye to.
  • People who want the powerful effects of complimenting both a holiday with therapy. To transition from the effects of therapy into the beautiful peace and tranquillity of Samadhi pearl’s beautiful retreat space and environment.
  • Provide effective supervision for therapists who are experiencing burn out and compassion fatigue
  • The beginning of a therapeutic journey of self discovery

There come opportunities in everyone’s life when we stand at the threshold of major change and where our self-identity can be wholly transformed. Samadhi transformation retreats offer people the opportunity to intentionally confront the challenges of their lives and to find the courage to initiate the necessary changes to create a better future for them and for those they care about.

Transformation retreats can help:

  • We mentor you to recognise and seize the priceless moments of transformation contained within the struggles of daily living.
  • We encourage you to develop and create a new loving foundation for personal growth. 
  • We teach you to identify with the positive life skills and abilities that are essentially inherent in your own nature, but may have been forgotten or not developed enough because of pain and trauma.
  • We help you to access positive life skills to help serve you in life’s more difficult situations.
  • We help you to gather the personal strengths you already have and may have forgotten about and re acquaint you to their use.

Transformation retreats are designed to challenge people and to encourage them to find solutions to problems in ways that are not obvious and apparent to current ways of thinking and functioning. We encourage you to challenge the dominating cultural beliefs and values that may underpin your sense of self-identity and to form new values that better reflect who you are now.

Transformation retreats use a combination of therapeutic approaches combined and integrated into each person’s retreat experience such as:

  • Dynamic counselling techniques
  • Narrative therapy
  • Techniques to help manage the effects of loss and trauma
  • Psychodrama methods that encourage the externalising of deep seated problems,
  • Art and movement therapies
  • Healing body therapies to help release deep-seated emotions.
  • Internalised other and outsider witness methods to help with therapist burn out and compassion fatigue

At Samadhi when you choose transformation we walk with you on your journey of change, we challenge you to look at yourself with awareness and self knowledge, to feel and come to know yourself more deeply and profoundly, and in that raw cathartic moment of your personal inner revelation we encourage you to stand strong in the recognition of your own gentle and loving power.

The transformation retreat is for the person who has:

  • Consciously decided to make change in themselves and their lives now
  • Someone who has experienced therapy but wants something more.
  • Someone who has cultivated a willingness to face what is hidden from their self-awareness and wants to go that step further.
  • Someone who is seeking a release from deep fears, guilt, shame and other negative emotions and wants to find true freedom in their life.
  • Someone who wants to reshape his or her identity to find a more positive way to live.
  • Someone who wants to maintain a positive sense of self-esteem and to cultivate happiness as a foundation for healthy living.
  • Someone who wants to feel more whole and less fragmented.
  • Someone who wants follow up and ongoing support to help reinforce the NEW.

Retreat Inclusions:

  • Can be taken as a half day, full day or 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 day dynamic experience – you choose!
  • Accommodation in luxurious private sanctuary retreat ‘Samadhi Pearl’
  • For all scheduled treatment therapies, receive exclusive use of Samadhi’s Day Spa and therapy space, with access through your interlinking private courtyard garden.
  • Daily scheduled counselling sessions
  • Dynamic therapy sessions
  • Deep healing body therapies
  • Healthy vegetarian cuisine & organic living foods – can include all, some or no meals.
  • Personally prescribed juices and herbal blends
  •  Healthy gourmet ‘superfood’ snacks
  • Caters to those with special dietary requirements.
  • Access to health videos, music, reading library and healthy recipes
  • Your private retreat sanctuary includes a 3D Smart TV, iHOME digital radio with ipad and iphone charger, Bose sound dock for your convenience
  • Optional Extra’s available:  cleansing and detox treatments such as mud wraps and salt scrubs, remedial massage, energetic healing and sound healing, facials, hot stone massage, and more.
  • As prescribed within each persons retreat ongoing phone/skype or follow up sessions at Samadhi or outcall. These sessions provide a wonderful support for those wanting to receive continued support in navigating your journey upon return back home.

The program is set within a beautiful secluded environment, where you can immerse yourself in the benefits of a retreat experience in uninterrupted privacy, ensuring a quiet, nurturing atmosphere of healing.

The ‘Pearl’ Retreat – a Sanctuary of Peace Wherever the cultivation or liberation of the soul is regarded as the goal of spiritual striving, ‘the pearl ‘may symbolize the soul itself – a symbol of completeness, the higher Self or the treasure hard to attain.

You can choose to participate in this program as your private individual wellness journey, or as a shared retreat experience. As a private individual retreat, all sessions are one-on-one, and take a highly personalised approach and investment in your health and wellbeing. As a group retreat, you can choose to bring a partner or friends along to share and support each other throughout the experience.

Prices for this retreat can be obtained by phone as each retreat is customised to each of our guests – (03)5348 7926

The Essentials

Luxury accommodation. Gourmet organic breakfast and dinner. Guided meditation. And one wellness session of your choice.

The Essentials could be your whole stay at Samadhi Retreat – its a great  option on its own. Or you could go deeper via your choice of six unique retreat programs.

Thank you Wayne and Annah from the bottom of my heart for making me feel safe in your beautiful surrounds. To have crossed paths with the both of you couldn’t have come at a better moment.

Having arrived spent you have managed to present me the tools to be able to face the next chapter. I’ll Be Back.

Tina Arena


Reignite the spark of life in every cell of your being…


Embrace gentle self-care and restore loving balance…


Accept the challenge of embodying your whole self…


Find sanctuary in an environment of pure tranquility…


Make a fundamental shift and integrate positive change…


Shine the light of awareness on your spiritual depths…


Luxury accommodation
for singles, couples and groups.


Beautiful natural setting
in the Macedon Spa Region.


A unique selection
of treatments and activities.


Each one of our guests
receives relaxed, attentive care.


Highly trained staff
With 30 years’ experience.


A healing journey
curated especially for you.

A soul centered approach to healing

Healthy Ageing

Managing the cycles of change in life
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Spiritual Wellness

Integrating body, mind, heart and soul
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Emotional Balance

Self-empowering your way to happiness
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Loss & Bereavement

Celebrating the lives of those we love through acceptance
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Relationship Renewal

Creating better connection through loving communications
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Dreams, Hopes & Aspirations

Creating lasting change in your life through a mentoring approach
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Detox & Cleanse

Cleansing your system
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Building Self-esteem

Empowering your SELF for success
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Stress, Fatigue & Burnout

Alleviating lifestyle stresses and preventing adrenal exhaustion
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