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Men’s Health

Often it takes a literal crisis for many men to recognize that something is wrong with a situation. At these times, if asked: ‘how are you’, the answer will more than likely be, ‘I’m fine’ – even though beneath the surface, a crisis may be brewing. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but in most cases, the issue needs exploring.

In many ways, the essential problem men face is this:  the need to recognise that tides of feeling exist beneath the surface of everyone, tides that quietly motivate and inspire people to action.  These feelings, when either internalised or out of control, can precipitate a range of physical and psychological health effects, both good and bad. When men are younger and driven by hormonal testosterone drives, feelings of invincibility are strong and little seems to trouble them, unless there are unique and personal circumstances and events that overshadow a life. As men get older, they face a number of possible health issues relating to the ageing process, hormonal change and struggles to adapt socially.


Men’s health issues – while they often overlap with women’s concerns – have unique aspects that the concerned male needs to understand. Men’s health problems can range from chronic ailments like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, certain lung diseases, and Alzheimer’s, to wellness issues like exercise and fitness, nutrition, weight control and emotional health. As men mature, they become more concerned with the effects of ageing, prostate health, and changes in sexuality.


The 21st century is an era of greater knowledge and self-awareness, especially for men. It is becoming more and more important for men to understand their bodies practically – to understand the changes that happen physically, psychologically, emotionally, rationally and spiritually throughout life.


A man can now – if he chooses – embrace more authenticity in his sense of self and explore emotions and feelings more readily without the cultural expectations of a generation that devalues sensitivity. Men have the opportunity to see greater possibilities in themselves and to recognize a deeper potential of their own nature without conflict to their masculinity. In essence, the definitions of masculinity and sensitivity have merged to enable a sense of cultural freedom not readily accessible to older generations.


Men can now engage with and recognize the power of their own emotional/feeling intelligence as well as rational intellect and physical prowess. Through greater openness and transparency of feeling, a man can find skills to live a more complete life in this current technological age that brings better health, greater creative self expression and a broader sense of wholeness.


Samadhi Retreat ~ your call to action


At Samadhi we have been offering specialised health retreats to men for many years. Through sensitive and open conversations, we consider what is required to live a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle. Through dynamic counselling, we help men address better habits and actions that support improved personal and interpersonal behaviours. With coaching strategies, we help plan new personal and professional goals. We tailor a unique meditation program designed to work with self-awareness as a strategy to manage high stress and health concerns. No need to stay in crisis and wait for the crash – help is available.

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