Meditation is a fantastic way to help us renew, unwind and relax again. It offers an opportunity to create a healthy routine for our inner peace, which if practiced regularly and integrated into our life can grow to create healthy momentums rather than unhealthy habits.

Samadhi offers meditational practice which if adopted into your lifestyle can become a platform for a regular practice in stress reduction and inner peace in daily life. We draw from many years of experience in meditation practice and offer a wide variety of meditation styles such as:

  • Mindfullness meditation
  • Guided visualization meditation
  • Body awareness meditation
  • Expansion of consciousness meditation
  • Meditation for problem solving and stress management

The retreat experience with a meditation focus can become the foundation for new psychological scaffolding of thoughts, feelings and personal values. You may use the time away as an opportunity to reflect on how you having been living and to consider how to change negative habits and actions that are not serving you and possibly causing you problems. A health retreat experience could well be the catalyst for change that you need right now.