JPS magnetic field therapy

The Viofor JPS System of Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy (EMST) assists in the treatment of pain and helps to reverse the symptoms in some health conditions. It is a highly sophisticated computer driven therapy system, developed by some of the most eminent and respected Professors in the field of energy medicine. It generates a slow changing, low induction magnetic field that is tuned to work with the body's natural resonating frequencies. The low induction levels corresponding to the earth's magnetic field speeds up the body's natural healing process making this treatment suitable for almost everyone.

Pulsing electromagnetic energy is able to deliver higher doses of magnetic force, believed to make therapy much more effective. However, research conducted by Professors Jaroszyk, Paluszak and Sieron, the world's leading scientific experts in magnetostimulation, concluded that a higher dose of magnet therapy was not as effective as a particular level known as ‘magneto stimulation', which mimics the body's own level.Using advanced research techniques and cutting edge technology, they were able to mix the patterns that allow specific healing to take place at low strengths, resulting in the first Viofor JPS product.This particular breed of magnetostimulation encourages the body's cells to work to their peak condition, effectively improving their electrical state and oxygen and blood supplies.

To put things simply, electromagnetic stimulation therapy improves the way your body works.

It makes the biological process more effective; for example it enhances the circulation of your blood to all parts of your body.

For example: -

Increased oxygenation of your tissues helps to fight infection and strengthens your immune system, speeding up recovery of damaged tissues and the mending of bone fractures.

Improved blood circulation encourages deep, relaxing sleep to relieve insomnia, muscle tension, tension headaches and migraine.

It also helps to reduce pain.