Wellness activities

An integrated approach

Since 2003 when Samadhi first opened its doors, the retreat has embraced a collaborative and integrated approach to wellness, inclusive of mind, body and spirit. Testimony to Wayne and Annah's commitment to health and healing are the broad spectrum of healing modalities on offer at samadhi health and wellness retreat.

Annah & Wayne and their team of associates enable a nurturing healing ambience within the retreat environment where the essential focus of goodwill and compassion are quite tangibly felt through their structured health retreat programs. Its by this healing natured approach that integration takes place. There is often a seamless flow as to how the therapies and therapists come together to provide each guest an experience of becoming whole.

The current menu of wellness services includes diet and nutrition, reiki, polarity healing, sound healing, colour therapy, crystal and polarized light therapy, meditation, spiritual healing, beauty therapy, massage therapy, narrative therapy, loss and bereavement counselling, health counselling, remedial body therapies, guided imagery,art therapy, dream therapy and guided visualisation.We integrate a mix of these therapeutic approaches into our retreats to provide a customised retreat program for each of our guests.