At Samadhi we take a unique approach to our pricing as we offer a premium experience tailored individually to each of our guests requirements. With all our specialty programs we offer a complimentary phone consultation with one of our retreat advisors to get a better idea of how to customise your retreat experience to enable the best outcome for you. We then either email you a quotation or in the case of our less complex retreats are able to quote you over the phone. Everyone is unique, so essentially each retreat program we create is tailored to your 'retreat' goals, life situation, and circumstances.

There are some basic prices listed in our Getaways & Escapes, Overnight Wellness Retreats, Day Spa services and Wellness services pages. (See links below)

We offer different approaches for our guests/visitors experience:

Health retreats and Specialty retreat programs ~ Are an all inclusive 'boutique' health retreat experience - a one-on-one investment in your health and wellness. Prices are customised according to the length of stay, number of individuals, structure of therapies/consultations, wellness services, and meals. Contact us for a quotation.

Overnight Wellness retreat ~ The perfect wellness experience when you are time poor and cannot take a longer break.

Getaway & Escape stays ~ Combines a healthy spa holiday getaway and a regional experience in the Spa Capital of Australia. Click here to see some examples of our Getaway Stays. Add more spa treatments to an existing package if you wish, or alternatively, we are happy to customise longer stays, simply contact us.

Overnight retreats ~ We realise that not everyone can make space for our longer retreat programs and as such may want a shorter more dynamic experience. To meet this need we have created a range of overnight wellness journey's being - pleasurably relaxing to release stress and tension, intensely active or focused and intentional to manage minor or major life change.

Day spa therapies ~ Visit Samadhi on a day trip for either a relaxing therapeutic treatment, or choose to add some additional services to enhance your existing samadhi experience. (prices listed under our different services pages)

Wellness services ~  available only to resident guests undertaking a health retreat program. Wellness services can be added to the experience as optional extras.

Our philosophy incorporates an integrated approach to health and wellness which filters through to all aspects of the 'retreat' experience including our:

  • Service requirements
  • Customisation of spa and therapy wellness services to meet individual requirements
  • Catering for special dietary requirements and nutritional support
  • Specialising in boutique health retreats (a one on one investment in your health and wellness)