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Put the Moo back into YOU, but make sure its the true moo - MILK that is . . .

For hundreds of generations, humans have seen milk as the most complete nutritional source available. Unfortunately the milk that is available for us to buy in the local shop is not a patch on what our ancestors enjoyed. Here's why:

1. Pasteurisation: destroys enzymes that are required to absorb lactose, calcium and other nutrients from the milk. It kills the bacteria in the milk, including probiotic (good) bacteria. In fact, many people that display allergic reactions to dairy products are reacting to the toxins from the dead bacteria that are stilll in the milk. All of the amino acids that our bodies use as building blocks for protein are present in raw cows milk. Many are heat sensitive.

2. Homogenisation: Fractures the butterfat molecule into tiny shards that stops the cream from rising to the top of the milk. These tiny particles pass into the blood stream without being digested properly. Skim milk removes the butterfat that is essential to absorb vitamins and minerals from the water fraction of the milk. Butterfat prompts the release of a "trigger" that tells the body that it has eaten enough.

3. Processed milk: Most dairy factories separate the milk into it's warious components, then combine the different components to make up each of the different milk products that they sell. The oxidation of cholesterol during these processes, especially skim and powdered milks has been stated to be a major contributor to high rates of heart disease.

So, what's REAL Milk, and where can you get it?

REAL Milk is from a grazing cow, on chemical free pasture, simply filtered and refrigerated. No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers. However, it is illegal in many states to sell unpasturized milk. The only legal way that you can consume REAL milk is to drink milk from your own cow!

Udderly ridiculous, and totally impractical for you???

Well, the clever folks at Moo View Dairy in South Australia have set up a Shared House Cow Program which might just work for you if you don't have the space or time to look after your own cow! (and if you live in South Australia). Now, here's your opportunity to legally consume REAL milk!! You can group own cows and share in the production and costs. Bottom line equates to a simple $1.15 per litre!!

There may be some other folks cottoning onto this idea by now in your town, region or state, so please let us know where you live, and what you find out in the way of accessing REAL milk. In Victoria, some of our local farmers markets sell raw milk from both cows and goats (not for human consumption of course!!), so look around, explore your options, and make a better choice when it comes to the most valuable person in your life - YOU!!