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Samadhi works from the belief that the essential aim of a retreat is to prepare and support our guests for lifestyle change and renewal, so that each one returns to the everyday world with new perspectives, increased vigour, new tools and a strengthened determination to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. The retreat experience can be expected to continue delivering results long after guests have returned home.

For many years we have facilitated individual retreats centred on the experience of retreating for oneself, focussing on the enhancement of self awareness and self care as primary tools in the management of stress induced problems and struggles. We have now expanded this work to include new small group wellness programs designed to enhance individual creativity, insight and energy - self awareness and self care - and to do this within the dynamic and supportive process of a shared group experience.

Samadhi Life Enrichment Retreats are a good way to learn from the resonance of others as you journey together within a shared atmosphere of support. Some of the special benefits of a supported small group retreat at Samadhi are:
• Direct feedback from others as ‘outsider witnesses' and hearing others' experiences can lead to significant personal insights for you

• Sharing and discussion of your experiences and ideas enable you to give voice to your own wisdom and share it with others

• A shared group experience can stimulate momentum for growth and generate extra stamina

• Group support increases confidence in your own ability and skills

• It's a pleasure to meet like-minded individuals

• Private tuition from Annah and Wayne and their team of professional practitioners and therapists within and outside of the group setting will guide, support and truly personalise your learning.

To ensure concentrated attention to these healing outcomes, each program is limited to a maximum of 4 guests.

Samadhi Retreat provides the perfect setting for these small group retreats. The Retreat is comfortable, private and quiet, providing beautiful healthy food options, a peaceful sanctuary atmosphere inside and outdoors, a safe and supportive environment within an ambience of healing, and meditative practice. Essentially a perfect space to overcome the effects of a stressful lifestyle.

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