Rejuvenation retreat

Rejuvenation Retreat

Discover how to feel your best every day with a comprehensive rejuvenation experience designed to re-ignite the spark of life in every cell of your being!

This retreat invites you to really nurture yourself and experience a depth of rest and relaxation. The heart of the program extends far beyond a spa experience providing solely physical rejuvenation - this retreat provides opportunities to explore new ways to maintain Samadhi retreatoptimal health and vitality, and establish and practice healthy habits for life!

Whether you are motivated towards a specific wellness goal, or simply want to live a healthier life, the Rejuvenation Retreat program introduces you to a range of resources for an all-healthy living experience. Enjoy delicious healthy organic food, relaxing spa therapies, nature-based activities to rejuvenate vital life energy, including deep breathing techniques, meditation, Qigong, gentle movement sessions, and much more.

This program provides the ultimate wellness escape, where you can liberate yourself from the stresses encountered with modern-day living, and discover new reserves of energy and vitality!  This specialty retreat is designed for those looking for:

  • Relaxation and 'time out' from a busy stressful schedule and the demands of daily life
  • Complete immersion into peaceful reflective quiet, and all-inclusive healthy living
  • Time to rest and relax with gently cleansing body treatments and spa therapies, revitalizing activities such as yoga & Qigong, meditation, organic foods, fresh juices, herbal teas and tonics
  • A natural integration of body, mind and Spirit through rest and relaxation
  • Energetic transformation through renewed physical vitality, emotional calm, and mindful awareness, re-invigorating joy of life!
  • Insights into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness
  • A refreshing new lease on life
  • Keys to design a lifestyle to achieve your highest potential for wellbeing
  • A personalized LifeShaping™ plan to improve health & longevity
  • Guidance and tools for stress management
  • A wellness plan based upon your personal motivations
  • To learn skills which promote and maintain good health, bring balance & harmony to life, setting a framework to integrate wellness concepts for everyday living
  • Integrative wellness strategies designed to expand awareness, turn hopes & intentions into reality, and explore new ways to lead a healthier, more fulfilled life
  • Wish to start practicing new habits for health & wellbeing
  • Guidance with diet and nutrition through organic, energy-based healing foods
  • A nature-based environment of healing mineral waters and oxygen rich air, and with easy access to local tourist attractions
  • An individual private residence that ensures total privacy, confidentiality and an environment of deep nurturing either for yourself, or your group.

Your Wellness Program:

  • Can be taken for 2 days, and up to a 7 day journey of Rejuvenation - you choose!
  • Accommodation in luxurious private sanctuary retreat  - 'Samadhi Pearl'
  • For all scheduled treatment therapies, receive 'exclusive use' of Samadhi's Day Spa, with access through the interlinking, private courtyard garden
  • Orientation & treatment co-ordination on arrival with your 'program advisor'
  • General Wellness Consultation
  • Daily balancing practices to improve health and regain new levels of energy and vitality including Meditation & Creative Visualisation techniques
  • Daily Guided Movement session (may include for example Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga) - Tuition and practice
  • Incorporates personalised Instruction by co-founders Annah and Wayne Mirananda sharing their integrated approach to health and healing
  • One hour Massage
  • Hydrotherapy Mineral rich Spa (incorporating 89 minerals)
  • Your choice of one additional 90 min relaxation spa treatment from our DAY SPA menu
  • Lifestyle Integration Session
  • Optional nature walks - spa walking guide provided for Daylesford, Hepburn Springs, Glenlyon and surrounds (Eg: sample the 'healing mineral spring waters' from Victoria's renowned Spa Country Region)
  • Healthy vegetarian cuisine & organic living foods - all meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Personally prescribed juices and herbal blends
  •  Healthy gourmet 'superfood' snacks
  • Caters to those with special dietary requirements 
  • Access to health videos, music, reading library and healthy recipes
  • Your private retreat sanctuary includes a 3D Smart TV, iHOME digital radio with ipad and iphone charger, Bose sound dock for your convenience

Optional Extra's:

Enhance your experience by adding some optional extra's to your program above. Here are some of our suggestions, or alternatively browse our DAY SPA menu and WELLNESS SERVICES for more options.

  • Himalayan Rejuvenation Treatment - For detoxification and complete body renewal
  • Mandarin Mud Wrap & Hydrotherapy Spa - Detoxing and revitalising
  • Floating Lotus Massage Package - A peaceful, calming experience, the body is massaged with sacred lotus flower oil afloat a waterbed!
  • Polarity Healing & Chakra balancing - cleanses and re-aligns in the finer energy field
  • Sacred Waves - Sound therapy and massage Treatment
  • Samadhi Aroma Botanical Facial - for renewed visibility of Self reflecting through your face and skin
  • Personalised LifeShaping™ Plan to improve health and longevity


The program is set within a beautiful secluded environment, where you can immerse yourself in the benefits of a retreat experience in uninterrupted privacy, ensuring a quiet, nurturing atmosphere of healing.

Serene and quiet, the 'Samadhi Pearl ' is your entirely private, self-contained residence. Its rooms are elegant in style and specifically designed to provide a sanctuary in which you can completely surrender to the ambient peace and tranquillity of the retreat. To step inside the retreat, is to step into another world, as the interior reflects a celebration of both modern and traditional elements of Oriental culture and style, which gives Samadhi its distinctly unique appeal.

Retreat PRICE

You can choose to participate in this program as your private individual wellness journey, or as a shared retreat experience. As a private individual retreat, all sessions are one-on-one, and take a highly personalised approach and investment in your health and wellbeing. As a group retreat, you can choose to bring a partner or friends along to share and support each other throughout the experience.

Prices for this retreat can be obtained by phone - (03)5348 7926