Health Retreats

Health Retreats

"Samadhi Retreat's approach to health retreats offers more than just a place providing physical rejuvenation – we offer you the possibility to shape a new way of life!"

Our 'Specialty' health retreat programs are an enlightening, engaging and enriching transformational experience through complete immersion into healthy living and self-discovery.

The foundation of the experience is intrinsically integrated with the aim to restore the bond between our physical body, emotions, mind, heart and Spirit, allowing Life to become a complete experience, without separation or struggle.

Each program supports a generous allowance for health and healing therapies, supported by wellness and lifestyle consultations and therapeutic practices from both conventional and complimentary medicine. Dynamic and all-inclusive, restorative and rejuvenating, the program offers you the opportunity to discover a healthier lifestyle that is positively directed towards your wellbeing and happiness. 

Samadhi's comprehensive health retreat programs have provided a foundation for hundreds of people to explore paths towards healthier living and self-discovery, inspiring a commitment to achieve positive lifestyle changes towards a more meaningful life. You may experience a program for a week, but you can live it for a lifetime!

Create the foundation for long term health with a retreat program that best suits your needs. Choose either a warm and engaging group environment, take a retreat as a solo traveller, or come with your partner or friend. Alternatively, let us custom design a stay for any length of time, to support your unique requirements towards healthy lifestyle changes - the possibilities are endless!