Finding Inner Peace Schedule

Finding Inner Peace Retreat Schedule

Day one

Arrival @ 9am

Orientation and welcome

10.30am ~ Talk - Reflection - enhancing the ability to listen to your own self wisdom

12.30pm ~ Healthy lunch

2pm - 5pm ~ Individual massages and group pranayama breath meditation

6pm ~ Healthy dinner

Evening activity ~ healing with music

Day two

8am ~ Kundalini breath meditation

9am ~ Breakfast

10.30am ~ Talk - Releasing - Letting go of limiting beliefs and the sense of being held back from your potentials

12.30pm ~ Healthy lunch

2pm ~ Talk - Enhancing - the power of self belief, aligning your thoughts and actions to the things that matter in your life.

Afternoon tea

4.30pm ~ Group yoga session

6pm ~ Dinner

Evening activity ~ Healing through music

Day three

8am ~ Chakra meditation

9am ~ Breakfast

10.30am ~ Talk - Self Discovery - finding the flow of your life and learning how to immerse yourself into it

Healthy lunch

Afternoon for relaxation or time for individual therapies

Departure at 5.30pm