Womens health retreats

Womens Retreats

Samadhi retreats women’s health & wellbeing retreats are designed for women who want a getaway that will help them to return to the world feeling rejuvenated and more whole. This retreat program explores the dimensions of wholeness by helping you with:

  • Nutritional education
  • Deconstructing the emotional effects of life changing struggles such as; endometeriosis, breast and cervical cancers and other associated health problems
  • Understanding your personal experience of menopause,
  • Discovering a better sense of body image and self esteem
  • Overcoming loss of identity through the effects of significant life events such as: relationship breakdown, loss of partner & caring for a family member or loved one for long periods of time
  • Managing stress and burn out from the effects of mothering
  •  Awakening your spirituality
  •  Meaning making, emotional wholeness and creative self exploration.

Samadhi womens retreats are one of our highly customised stays as each womens experience and journey is uniquely different to another. Each woman brings a different metaphor of themselves to the stay such as; the warrior facing confrontation and challenge as its encountered, others with a sense of reverence and surrender that can only be experienced as the archetypal priestess, and another defining herself from a deep sense of passion, sexuality and sensuality. Many journey unknowingly as if lost and victimised by circumstance and to them life drags them along kicking and screaming. Each persons metaphorical journey and as such their key to emotional freedom being slightly different to enable her to claim back her own sense of self empowerment with a stronger belief in her own self expression.


What we recommend for our womens health retreats is a customised LifeShaping™ retreat as this program can be fully customised to meet each persons needs.