Promotional opportunities

Core values

One of our core values lays in the recognition that people need supportive networks and peer support to help them overcome the hurdles that life can throw at us. That in intricate ways we are all in this together. The human body is a self regulating system as is the eco system of planet earth. Our sense of community has its own priorities of connection and as such operates in a similar way. We are always building our networks with practitioners, organisations and other businesses that support and offer unique services to others. Services that reflect kindness and care go hand in hand and have many different reflections and connections in the world.

We encourage health practitioners or service providers who are experts in their field, with many years of practice and experience to make contact with us to discuss the possibilities of continued scaffolding of professional experience and wisdom sharing as part of an ongoing community of wellness professionals. Samadhi wellness spa health retreat will consider partnerships with practitioners, businesses and organizations that can provide mutually beneficial promotional opportunities as a means to maintain a community of compassion and a team of skillful and competent services to the many people who seek our assistance in maintaining a happy and healthy life.

If you would like to pursue promotional opportunities with us , please send us an email to: