Private map directions

Directions to Samadhi Spa & Wellness Retreat - (The above map shows Samadhi in relation to Daylesford). Use the directions below to navigate specifically via the Calder Freeway.

1. Drive along the Calder Freeway to Woodend.
2. Take the Daylesford turn off & drive to Tylden.
3. Drive past the Tylden general store and turn right into Spring Hill Rd.
4. Follow Spring Hill rd till it becomes a T intersection. (About 10 minutes drive)
5. Turn Left onto the Glenlyon/Malmsbury Rd
6. Drive for 3 minutes till you pass the Glenlyon general store (on the right)
7. Turn left into Dysart St (2nd on the left after the general store - there is a turning lane)
8. Turn Right into Regans lane (3rd on the right)
9. Samadhi Spa & Wellness Retreat is on the Left at the top of the street.