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The sources of stress for each individual are different though it is something we all experience to different degrees. Unfortunately, most of us are so busy and focused on the external needs and demands of our lives that we don’t ‘have’ time, or can no longer hear what our bodies are telling us. But if we ignore the warning signs for long enough, stress can lead to the development of any disease and mental health imbalance, such as depression and feelings of hopelessness.

Health Retreats at SAMADHI focus on assisting an individual to identify these physical, emotional and mental patterns. By learning to identify these stresses in our lives we can make the necessary changes to manage and overcome them.

So, how do we learn to identify these stresses and recognize when we need ‘time-out’?  Self-awareness is the key to recognizing when we need ‘time out’. And how do we become more self-aware? Let us say that this is a process we are all working with, and essentially it is a process of ‘becoming’ or knowing yourself – your true or inner self.  There are many ways and practices to gain more self-awareness. Meditation and quiet contemplation are two of these methods.

Here is a simple exercise you can try each day. I call it Heart to Heart, because when you connect with your ‘Heart centre’ with right intention, you connect with the ‘Greater Heart’ or Spiritual Heart or pulse of life which helps in the process of gaining ‘self awareness’ and connection to your ‘inner’ or ‘higher self’:

Find a time each day, and a place, where you can sit quietly undisturbed for at least 10 – 15 minutes. Sit or lie down, and make yourself comfortable and relaxed in your body. Focus your attention on the breath in and out of your nose. As you breathe in, imagine that the air you breathe is invigorating and full of oxygen and prana (vitality), which nourishes and vitalizes every organ and cell in your body. As you breathe out, let go, and imagine that you exhale not only CO2, but also all that you no longer require – including thoughts and feelings you wish to let go of.

As you breathe in and out, visualize the breath as pure white in colour, and mentally affirm “peace” as you breathe in and out. (Affirming certain words such as ‘peace’, draws the energy quality to you). Also draw it into your ‘Heart centre’ in the middle of your chest. Then, allow yourself to rest mentally and just feel this peace within your heart centre. If any other thoughts to float by; just be an observer. In this space you can choose just to rest, feel and think loving thoughts from your heart centre, or simply just be! Sit in this space for a few minutes, then when you are ready, take some deeper breaths and focus your awareness on your physical body once again. Open your eyes and sit quietly for a few minutes contemplating your experience of BEING! If you wish, you can keep a journal and note thoughts, feelings and inspirations!