Chronic fatigue focus retreats

Increasing your vitality

Chronic faitigue simply put is long lasting fatigue. It can be caused by many medical conditions and is more likely to effect someone if they have a number of predisposing factors such as a genetic disposition, nutritional imbalances, allergic tendancies, abnormal gastrointestinal flora and poor lifestyle habits such as inadeqaute diet, rest, sleep and diet with a tendancy to burn the candle at both ends with their work life balance. A persons unique combination of such conditions often presdiposing them to a trigger event which pushes them past their own threshold of maintaining good health. Chronic fatigue can be both a major life event for some and for others a minor one to which after a short period of rest good health returns.

Our chronic fatigue focus retreats can assist those who are suffering with the minor effects of fatigue with the opportunity to address potential serious lifestyle imbalances now. To better educate themselves and to take charge of the stress producing life habits that are contributing to the fatigue. We can also assist those with the effects of long term fatigue in managing the stressful emotional, psychological and physical condions of long term healing.

A typical program for the effects of fatigue would consist of:

  • Naturopathy consulations for better nutritional management
  • Body therapies for relaxation and detox
  • Balanced meals designed to reduce body inflammation
  • Qigong sessions for gentle energy renewal
  • LifeShaping™ therapy/coaching sessions to enable better skills to deal with the struggles of daily life
  • Magnetic field therapy sessions to enable the body systems to work at their peak
  • Guided meditation and stress management sessions
  • Nutritional education sessions
  • Ongoing support program from a series of professions (to create your own supportive health team)

With all our specialty programs we offer a free phone consultation with one of our retreat advisors to get a better idea of how to customise your retreat experience to enable the best outcome for you. Everybody is different so essentially every retreat program we create has a unique signature approach to each persons reasons for retreating, life situation and circumstances.