Ignite the Spirit retreats

‘Ignite the spirit’ retreats

For those walking the spiritual path this retreat experience looks towards helping you to find your spiritual core. To help you navigate the mundane day to day routine with depth and meaning. Each retreat is tailored to the participants experience and understanding.

Ignite your Spirit is a spiritual retreat encompassing a range of healing experiences, meditation instruction and learning, healing training and personal transformation processes.
We will guide you and teach you how to heal yourself and others whilst maintaining the connection with your spiritual source. At Samadhi we recognize the principle that all life is essentially one life and that true spirituality is experienced from a place of mindful awareness and understanding centred in unity and love.

Included in the program are other sessions such as these:

Balanced Lifestyle sessions:

Consultations that enable us to get a better picture of your life/lifestyle and the challenges you are working with on a daily basis. We look at work /daily life imbalance and assist you to develop some strategies to achieve some of your personal goals. This session works as a tool to provide you with an overview of aspects in your life requiring change. It aims to identify areas of concern, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, and helps you achieve and work towards balance.

Spiritual talks: 

Our speakers are deeply passionate and well versed in a wide range of spiritual traditions. The topics covered range from basic meditation practice to deeper and more profound life principles which navigate us to our soul & spirit.
Therapeutic guided imagery:

Consultations which are effective in the following ways,
Assisting in relaxation and stress reduction. Providing active visualization, or directed imagery, where the person is encouraged to imagine desired therapeutic outcomes while in a relaxed, open state of mind. This affords a sense of participation and control in ones own healing, which is of significant value by itself. In addition, visualization can be used to alleviate symptoms, stimulate healing responses in the body, modify health endangering behaviors, and provide effective motivation for making positive life changes. More effectively receptive, or insight oriented imagery can be explored, where images are invited to enter conscious awareness where they are interactively explored to gather more information about a symptom, illness, mood, treatment, situation, or possible solution.
Dynamic healing sessions:

A psychotheraputic approach designed to challenge your sense of self and comfort zones. Through movement and self expression we encourage and help you to explore your inner myth, who you are, what you believe and the life experience which has become the foundation of your self identity. These sessions assist you to explore your core beliefs and authenticate these beliefs to see if they are still relevant to your life now. Old outdated core beliefs sabotage our ability to see clearly, understand and realize the needs for change and to fully and wholly experience life.
Polarity healing & energy balancing:

Is a healing approach based on the understanding that "energy underlies the structure and physiology of all life". The polarity view recognizes that all life is an expression of energy in motion, flowing through specific patterns, currents, fields & poles. It is understood that an individuals energy must flow freely to, and from its source, for mental, emotional and physical harmony to manifest. Using intuition and a developed sensitivity, the therapist will work with techniques to clear 'energy blocks' in the inner bodies (auric field) to promote harmonious flow with the intention to bring cleansing and balance.
Spiritual healing:

Awakening to the spiritual source, our spark of divinity. This healing session works with our spiritual bodies of light, the frequencies of energy that form our inner spiritual structure. The healer resonates with the light of soul & spirit and channels these energies to the participant. This light then serves as a beacon to awaken the participant to their own spirit self which then assists the awakening of the person to the call of their soul life.
Sound Healing sessions:

Sound therapy is a powerful healing-science dating back thousands of years, through many cultures,and still used today. Every cell in our body is a sound resonator, and our body is made up of at least 70% water. Because of this, our bodies are an excellent conductor of sound vibrations, making sound therapy a very effective method of healing. The resonance of harmonic tones stimulates and restores balance throughout the body, reconnecting us with the natural rhythms.


With all our specialty programs we offer a free phone consultation with one of our retreat advisors to get a better idea of how to customise your retreat experience to enable the best outcome for you. Everybody is different so essentially every retreat program we create has a unique signature approach to each persons reasons for retreating, life situation and circumstances.