Meditation Retreat

Finding Inner Peace ~ Part 1

Finding Inner Peace part 1 is essentially a day meditation retreat with a healing focus on relaxation, self awareness and self discovery. A uniquely focused day designed to help you with:

  • Reflection ~ enhancing your ability to listen to your own SELF wisdom
  • Releasing ~ discover how to let go of limiting beliefs and that sense of being held back from your potentials
  • Enhancing ~ the power of self belief, aligning your thoughts and actions to the things that matter in your life
  • Self Discovery ~ finding the flow of your life and learning how to immerse yourself in it

                        'Where my thoughts reside, so goes my energy'


We recognise three important skills that enhance our ability to maintain a sense of balance in our life: calm, self confidence and a sense of inner peace. They are learnt abilities that become inner states which provide the foundation for better health, wellness and longevity. When we are nurtured by the self sustaining momentums that radiate from these states, personal healing naturally occurs.

"Self Awareness practiced over time develops a path towards a stronger sense of self confidence ~ Empowerment"


Moving into Stillness (Part 2)

The word ‘Samadhi' literally translates to an ‘energy of stillness'. Stillness is a quality of BEING, and in today's world in the midst of movement and the chaos of DOING, stillness can be hard to come by. But stillness is possible to reach whenever we need it. The power of being still and how to cultivate stillness will be explored throughout this day retreat through various modalities including meditation, yoga breath, group healing and relaxation practices.

"True intelligence operates silently. STILLNESS is where creativity and solutions to problems are found" Eckhart Tolle

Essentially by introducing meditation practices into our daily life we sustain and nurture our bodies ability to heal itself and expand our awareness of SELF so we can better realize our potentials. The Finding Inner Peace and the Moving Into Stillness day retreats are for the person who:

  • Is curious about the vast landscapes of potential within oneself
  • Wants to develop meditation skills or enhance and expand their current meditation practices
  • Wants to take positive steps to taking more control of their life by understanding what needs to be nurtured, what needs to be discarded and what needs to be empowered.
  • Understands that we are all essentially streams within a river of life and that sometimes we ride the flow (relax and cease resisting) and other times we create waves (make our presence known and felt by others)
  • Needs to learn how to quiet the mind, calm the body and still the tide of strong emotions
  • Wants to grow as a person and build a more positive outlook upon their life.

Dates & Times:

Finding inner peace ~  ~ 9.30am - 8pm - 17th November 2018

Moving into stillness ~  ~ 9.30am - 6pm - 18th November 2018


  • Group meditation practice and tuition
  • Lectures:
  1. Understanding breathwork
  2. Mindfulness and self awareness practices
  3. Reducing anxiety
  4. Gratitude as a skill
  5. Managing strong emotions
  6. Relaxation skills
  7. Building a stronger self esteem
  • Healthy meals (Lunch and dinner plus drinks & healthy snacks)
  • Evening sound healing session (Saturday)

Workshop only ~ Finding inner peace $395

Workshop only ~ Moving into stillness $325


Overnight add on:

Single room ~ king bed with shared bathroom in facility, breakfast $275

Shared room (one couple or 2 friends) ~ king single bed or king bed with shared bathroom in facility, breakfast  $180 per person

Spa upgrade -  2.5 hrs body detox (massage, mud wrap, scalp massage, far infra red sauna and reflexology)  $395 per person. Limited availability for these evening sessions.

8pm - 10.30pm Saturday (2 sessions)

7pm - 9.30pm Sunday (2 sessions)

Additional nights accommodation and breakfast (Sunday night only) $195

Our team, our approach

We bring together a small team of exerienced facilitators to provide you with a comprehenisve understanding of how to slow down, simplify and take better control of the stress factors impacting your day to day life. We take an ability first approach by equiping you with take home skills which are effective and relevant to your life and lifestyle. The team involves:

  • Annah and Wayne owners of Samadhi Retreat
  • Our Yoga teachers
  • Support spa therapy staff

Places are limited so take advantage of this opportunity now!