Becoming Whole Again

Becoming Whole Again

Becoming Whole Again is a life renewing healing retreat designed to help you:

  • re-charge your energy reserves,
  • re-connect more fully with your sense of self, and
  • re-align with what's important in your life

as a means to a renewed experience of wholeness and deeper wellbeing.

Maintaining a busy lifestyle is complex, with continuous emails and texts and relentless demands from all areas of our lives, creating the inevitable scenario of one being wired for action potentially 24/7. The resulting emergence of anxiety and fatigue states (burnout), restless sleeping patterns and poor dietary choices lead to a cascade of stress related conditions that affect your physical and emotional health, sense of self and personal relationships.

To interrupt this stress filled lifestyle epidemic we have created a wellness retreat to serve as a circuit breaker and wellness checkpoint so you can better define what's required to sustain yourself, your personal relationships, your physical health and your emotional wellbeing.

"The choices we make day to day, hour to hour and minute to minute set the foundation for how we feel and often what our life entails. Stress will more often than not affect our ability to make good decisions."


The Becoming Whole Again Retreat includes beautiful accommodation at Samadhi Retreat, healthy and nutritious meals and a structured program of small group workshops, individualized services and personal time.

We will provide a unique experience that includes:

  •  Highly skilled and experienced mentors, teachers and therapists
  •  A balanced approach to learning, relaxing and health activities
  •  A beautiful retreat environment
  • 5. Healthy and nutritious meals and snacks
  •  A fully guided program to renew and inspire you.

Taking a conscious step towards self-healing often requires a commitment to whole body-and-self wellbeing. The Becoming Whole Again Retreat is for the person who:

  •  Is willing to step out of the comfort zones that maintain a sense of resistance to change
  • Is ready to take effective steps towards better health and wellbeing
  •  Is willing to having open and honest conversations about the circumstances that need changing in one's life
  •  Understands that to make significant changes in life requires one to step up and be an advocate for yourself
  •  Wants to have fun learning and exploring the landscapes of one's own potentials.

Dates & Times:

9am Friday 8th June to 6pm on Sunday 10th June

9am Friday 13th July to 6pm on Sunday 15th July


Single room ~ king bed with shared bathroom, meals and healthy snacks + 3 day program $1850

Shared room ~ king single bed with shared bathroom, meals and healthy snacks + 3 day program $1650 (2 places only)


MC ~ VISA ~ Direct Debit


Private Lifeshaping counseling/mentoring sessions with Wayne $220

Energy balance healing sessions with Wayne $185

Extra nights accommodation with dinner/breakfast $380



Ultimately we must find more effective ways to manage our energy reserves to ensure sustainable and optimal wellbeing. You will know if it's time for you to move forward toward better health and a more meaningful life experience. If it is time, we can certainly help you.