Day retreats


Samadhi Retreat has a new focus on small group retreat experiences. For many years we have run individual retreats centred on the quintessential experience of retreating for oneself, where the enhancement of self awareness and self care are primary tools in the management of stress induced problems and struggles. We have now expanded our reach into a range of new day wellness programs designed to help people bring more balance and ease into the day to day.

The retreats may include beautiful accommodation at Samadhi Spa & Wellness Retreat, healthy and nutritious meals and a structured program of small group talks, spa and body treatments, group yoga sessions, Samadhi's unique approach to meditation practice, Pranayama breathing and other activities for wellbeing.

Perfect opportunity for our returned guests to do follow up after one of our private retreats, a dynamic small group workshop to learn new skills to manage stress, anxiety and general problems or as an introduction to our unique approach to personal wellness.

The unique benefits of our supported small group retreats:

  • You will learn from the life experience of others as you journey together within a shared, confidential atmosphere of exploration.
  • Expressing and discussing your experiences and ideas enables you to discover and give voice to your own wisdom, reflect on it with others and gain confidence.
  • Receiving feedback from others as 'outsiders' witnessing your experience offers unique ways to learn about SELF
  • It's a pleasure to meet like-minded individuals and its fun

Samadhi group retreats are thoughtfully crafted using the skills, expertise and experience of Annah and Wayne Mirananda (founders) and Samadhi's professional team of therapists, lecturers and practitioners.

The Specifics

  • Day retreats are limited to a minimum number
  • Group retreat costs given are per person for the full group retreat program.
  • The retreat is hosted within a beautiful, private nature based environment
  • Healthy and nutritious meals
  • Group retreats are normally scheduled over a weekend
  • The dates when the group retreat will be offered are given if currently scheduled, or dates will be posted as they become available.
  • If the group retreat you are interested in does not have a date listed beside it, please contact us and indicate your interest and we will be in touch with you when a date is scheduled.
  • If you have 4 - 6 people who are interested in a group retreat (for example, 4 - 6 people from a common workplace who would like a group retreat focused on moving beyond fatigue, stress and burnout), please email us and we will be in touch to discuss arranging a curated retreat based on your needs. Specialised retreats for such groups may be scheduled during the week or over a weekend.

Corporate pathways to wellbeing and sustainable wellness

With a focus on positive change both personal and professional, our group retreats are an invaluable pathway towards healthy and productive work-life balance strategies. We can design and create a retreat to help organisations, small business owners, managers and entrepenuers learn new knowledge, skills and practices to enhance individual health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our approach to corporate wellness training programs focuses on:

  • Managing stress and anxiety in the workplace
  • Building resilience
  • Strengthening teams
  • Establishing leadership skills to be more productive
  • Cultivating wellness culture
  • Developing frameworks for commonplace healthy lifestyle practices
  • Taking responsibility for your own health and wellness by becoming a better you

Contact us to discuss the suitability of one of our pathways to wellness.