The Samadhi experience

For centuries, people have travelled to springs, baths and spas to experience the therapeutic effects and power of their healing waters. Spas have long been about indulging in luxury, pleasure and pampering, and that is still a primary focus. But in a fast-paced world of today, visiting a spa has become a necessity of life for both men and women who want to maintain an optimum level of health and vitality.

Set amid the tranquil Australian bushland in central Victoria's picturesque 'spa country', you will find Samadhi Health and Wellness Retreat & Spa. A member of Small Elegant Hotels, Samadhi offers a peaceful sanctuary of healing, providing spa experiences to nurture you on all levels of being. To stay at Samadhi means essentially that you want more from your stay than the usual hotel room or self-contained cabin. The retreat is a 'one-off' health retreat, and is exclusively private, catering to one group, couple or individual at any time, so essentially it means that you have sole occupancy and complete privacy. No competing with others for space or time, only the silence of the peaceful surrounds nurturing your body, mind and spirit.

Samadhi retreat

A warm welcome awaits you, as the Samadhi Experience begins as soon as you enter this healing sanctuary. With a blissful walk along the sandstone pathway your senses are greeted with the hypnotic sounds of flowing water, leading you across a beautiful indoor/outdoor water feature entrance, towards the embracing and compassionate symbol of the Buddha who stands to greet you.

Stunning in design and intimate in its appeal, Samadhi provides a sanctuary from the outside world. The accommodation style is modern contemporary with features of unique artwork including beautiful antiques, comfortable and modern furniture and picturesque garden settings. With careful planning and attention to detail, your needs have been generously considered and subtly applied to all aspects of the retreat experience.

Samadhi retreat

The retreat provides exclusive use of its spa facility for scheduled treatment therapies and well being services. The spa facility known as ‘Samadhi Spa’, adjoins your retreat via a small private Oriental courtyard garden named 'Quan Yin's Garden'. It doesn't take long to warm to the spa ritual, as you replace your everyday clothes in exchange for cozy spa attire, and plunge into the luxurious treatment therapies awaiting you! The spa facility is thoughtfully designed for your comfort, ensuring a deep relaxation experience upon comfortable treatment beds, and in the healing hands of caring and professional therapists.

Annah and Wayne are your hosts and owner-practitioners, having extensive knowledge and experience of the spa industry to provide the many and varied therapies in which you can immerse yourself during your stay. Conscientious attention is applied to every element, to produce a completely 'blissful' experience! Nothing is overlooked, from the soothing sounds, intoxicating sweet aromas, tranquil ambiance and gracious service. Guests may enjoy a single treatment or choose to add to their experience from the many combinations on offer from the Spa Menu and Wellness Services.


“There are quiet moments

when the cares of the world fall away

and all that is left is a gentle silence”

Samadhi's approach to 'wellness' also extends to delicious food, with a wholistic concept and nature integrated into every aspect of the retreat, the organic dinners not only look inspiring but also taste delicious.

"We consider food as nature’s natural medicine, and much thought and planning go into each and every meal."

Samadhi will cater for special diets and go to great lengths in making your meals a culinary delight. You will experience vegetarian food at its finest with dishes you may not have dreamed of, and tastes so delicate to the palate your taste buds will want more. Light, healthy spa cuisine for the guest who enjoys and understands that delicious, healthy, organic food choices equal good health and wellness.

Samadhi is an ideal base from which to explore the multitude of local attractions the Spa Region has to offer. There is a wide selection of restaurants situated locally offering an extensive range of cuisines to suit all tastes. Whether it's five star elegance or tasty take-away, there are cultures aplenty!

Samadhi is within easy walking distance to the local water and recreational reserve and mineral springs. Why not explore the region using your walking guide (supplied in your retreat) or picnic by the Loddon River which is just a 10 minute walk from your front door! Eat, shop, play and indulge - the "Spa Country" really can claim to offer something for everyone!


"Most of our guests just love doing nothing,

enjoying the peace and tranquillity of their private retreat,

enjoying the crackle and warmth of the open fire,

as they gaze out towards the majestic alpacas that grace the picturesque surrounds

and remind us of the simplicity and beauty of life!"

The thing which really makes the Samadhi experience totally different from any other holiday is our commitment to you! A stay at Samadhi will not just pamper you, but will also offer you a level of personal care and service that will exceed your expectations.

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