A peaceful sanctuary of healing

Samadhi is a destination spa and wellness retreat with a focus for rejuvenation, relaxation and meditation. The principal philosophy and inspiration behind Samadhi is to create a peaceful sanctuary of healing, providing experiences which are nurturing to the body, mind, heart, and soul.

Sound healing

The name 'Samadhi' simply translates to 'a state of infinite peace or bliss'

We all aspire to a lifestyle that brings us increased health, happiness and wholeness. The understanding of 'wholeness' is integral to the experience of  'wellness'. Samadhi is for those interested in a travel experience that combines health and well-being, with first class service and accommodation that is beautifully appointed and designed.

'Wellness' is a state of being

It is essentially a state of balance or equilibrium with one's own life and lifestyle. Wellness implies that you take time out for your own well being.

At Samadhi we adopt a holistic approach to wellness, or total health, taking into account rest and relaxation, detoxing therapies, nutritional advice, exercise, counseling, lifestyle consultation, meditation and self-awareness. We use traditional and alternative treatment methods, as well as preventative health measures which include regular spa services. Guests benefit from the guidance and caring nature of a team of highly skilled professionals, who are thoroughly educated in wellness and dedicated to serving your individual needs.

A stay at Samadhi offers you a space to rest and relax, detox and re-energise, and the opportunity to find and maintain a sense or attitude of well being. Enjoy delicious spa cuisine, energise with a walk in the forest, enjoy a picnic by the Lodden River, or simply indulge in the luxurious home comforts of your private retreat. With a wide selection of rejuvenating spa treatments, complimentary therapies and wellness retreats, Samadhi offers the perfect getaway destination.

Our logo

The symbol of the Lotus Flower embodied in our logo draws from the essential meaning behind the lotus flower:  a symbol of purity and heart. The symbol of the lotus has deep meaning and tradition in many cultures expanding from ancient Egypt to Buddhism and more. According to deep wisdom teachings, the heart of all beings is like an unopened lotus:  when the virtues of knowing, loving and understanding develop therein, then the lotus blossoms and wholeness is experienced.

The Samadhi experience encompasses the way of nurturing the self and the search for wholeness. Through the cultivation of rest and relaxation, and through the body-mind purification, we may come to experience in a small yet profound way, an unfolding of the self. It is with this motivation and understanding that Samadhi Spa & Wellness Retreat is inspired and strives to achieve.

"The unfolding of the self equals the opening of the petals of a person's heart. Samadhi retreat buddha imageTo open the petals of your heart is to open again to your true self, it is about cultivating a state of being, rather than doing, about feeling more than thinking alone, and essentially about the wisdom of knowing oneself. Come to Samadhi and be uplifted by your Samadhi experience."

The Buddha statues

Samadhi is not affiliated with any particular religious tradition, though we embrace art and sculpture throughout the retreat environment. The Buddha Statue in our main entrance is referred to as the Buddha of the Future - one of the three Buddhas of invincibility. It is a rare replica cast from a Temple in Northern China. The Buddha holds the Jewel of a Pearl on a lotus symbolising  the qualities of purity, love and protection.

The Buddha's amulet on the chest symbolizes the Buddha's power that will rotate in your heart forever - there is no end. It also symbolises the sun and fire and is a concentration of all luck. All of the Buddha's robes are delicately patterned with motifs featuring selected symbols from the Eight Treasures - Ancient Coins which are believed to rid evil as well as being a symbol of wealth.


"Standing, the Buddha

represents a powerful strength

and is thought of as invincible."