positively life changing........


Discover new sources of energy and vitality with a holiday experience that can transform your life! Samadhi Retreat invites you to relax and rejuvenate with a Health Retreat program, spa treatment, or maybe just a quiet getaway is more your style. Embracing a new paradigm in health awareness, Samadhi has created an integrated and comprehensive method of practice to allow you to discover the possibilities of living a more healthy and vibrant life.

Samadhi Retreat offers you the opportunity to explore your inner self as a means to deeper healing and relaxation. Journey into wellness and rediscover that part of yourself which may have become lost in the day-to-day patterns of a stressful lifestyle.

Samadhi Retreat is a luxurious 'one of a kind' healing sanctuary. Located just 8 mins from the main centre of the renowned spa country towns of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, Samadhi (meaning ‘infinite peace') caters to only ONE group, couple or individual at any time so your privacy and exclusivity are assured.

Intimate and secluded, the retreat environment evokes an ambience of oriental culture with practices from the world's great spiritual traditions, providing guests with a unique healing experience. A place of sublime peace and beauty, Samadhi offers opportunities for relaxation, discovery and renewal. The possibilities are endless, and the choice entirely yours!


" My husband and I first arrived at Samadhi Retreat in Glenlyon at Christmas 2009 for some much needed rest. We left Samadhi with so much more than that! Samadhi has helped me to get more awareness and thought control related directly to my values, aspirations and priorities.

Samadhi is where I experienced a deep personal understanding of the thoughts and feelings that influence all areas of my life.
At Samadhi, I enjoyed facials, massages, nutrition information, nature walks, life advice and life coaching - and throughout Wayne and Annah supported me in a passionate, yet kind and gentle way!
Going to Samadhi is life changing. Wayne and Annah helped me be more self-aware, which helped transform me into a better wife, mother, friend and work colleague. I often return to Samadhi excited and come back to the city
feeling like a new person!
Thanks to Wayne and Annah, I continue to pay more attention to my wellbeing and I suggest to everybody who wants personal growth and healing to go spend time at Samadhi Health and Wellbeing Retreat in Glenlyon, Victoria."

Cathy Freeman